The title of this collection of words is Deleted.

An artist whose work I've seen online asks: Is playing GTA a valid enough experience from which you can make art?

Yes, I thought. It was a hot day. Stood outside Vinewood Medical Centre I lit a rollup and gazed at nothing, at the shadows on the tarmac on the road. Sunbeams warmed my face, tightened the skin, the cheeks as I inhaled smoke as I exhaled smoke as I inhaled smoke. I exhaled smoke. I thought about the documentary I'd watched the night before about the porn film known as Animal Farm. Haunted, I thought. Ben Dover, I thought. Once I'd flicked my cig at a litter bin I climbed onto my bicycle. I pedalled down Power Street then Occupation Avenue into Downtown where I locked my bike to the railings outside MAZE, which is a bank in my world. A woman was using the left cashpoint, a man the right. As I waited, rooting in my front jeans' pocket for my cashcard, a man on a disability scooter called the man using the cashpoint. Oi, he said and smiled. What's that plastic thing you've put on the slot? I smiled at the floor.

Memory as a library I thought as the ATM slot sucked in my MAZE card. I pressed the 1 key, the 8 key twice and the 2 key. I pressed the button for Cash, pressed 300. My heartbeat was fastening. A drop of sweat trickled down my forehead as my fingers grasped the wad of notes that came out of the mouth of the ATM as it bleeped. It was a hot day.

From Games Podium I purchased a PS3. From Cash Converter I got a 20 inch high-definition TV.

With the console under my right arm, the telly under my left, I stuggled to the Downtown Cab Company taxi rank where a Middle Eastern-looking man sat at the steering wheel of a parked AUDI Something. Our eyes met. Can you take us to Rockford please, I said and as I hefted the TV onto the backseat the man said: Watch, it's leather!

Sat behind him, as we talked about the sunshine, I observed the black hairs on his neck. There was an old pink scar and I wondered what'd produced the inch-wide slit.

Turn left onto Peaceful Street please mate, I said and three or four seconds after he did I gestured with a hand over his shoulder and droning words came from my lips for him to park by the oak tree. Yeah. I picked up the PS3, put it on the pavement outside my house, same with the TV and it took me two lugs up the four stairs between the doorstep and my room and I was breathless and sweating down my back. I went downstairs into the taxi and he parked outside the MAZE in Downtown where I unlocked and pedalled my bike to my Rockford ashpit.

Yeah. Life. I live in Eclipse Towers. I got a PS3, a new TV. After plonking/putting the set on a rickety table, and after connecting the wires, I plugged them in and loaded the console with GTA V. It's a disc. It whirred in the machine. It whirred for 25 minutes. I remember seeing on the screen the numbers 16/21 and I went down the CO-OP supermarket, got tobacco. I think I got a carton of humous, a box of breadsticks. When I came back the TV screen still said 16/21.

I died and respawned on Mount Chiliad

For the next three months, from now till December, I want to spend my time climbing the rocks of, the crags of Mount Chiliad while thinking about UFOs and signs.