Today was dark when I woke. Yesterday too. The day before was grey vapour, in the room, when I woke, dusk hour. The sun goes down between 4 and 4:30 and my body is in this groove where I fall asleep about 8am. Kip my dad would call it. Sleep. So I did too. He also taught me, when you bite into say a plain or chocolate Hobnob, you suck the crumbs from the biscuit before you dunk. That way the oats or other bits don't fall into your tea. He also taught me that when you urinate, to stop your penis dribbling afterwards into your pants, you press into your testicles and that pumps out the excess that'd trickle out later and sting, it did, it stung before I didn't shake it and press my things. Yeah. It is 10:18pm. I've not left my bedsit. I've spoken to nobody. Your voice is my voice are the only words I typed online. And I kind of teach myself to think without thinking.