Turgoosian ... a street just north of the Midlands.

I like the name Thomas Turgoose. I like saying it. I like this photo - the upturned racing bars, the beige Harrington. 

As a kid I hung around with Don Cadwalader. They called him Caddy. Another of his nicknames was Codeye, which was unfortunate, cos he had a gammy eye. He was older than me. The lads in his school year would say: Ha Caddy! Hanging round with little kids!

But he was okay, Caddy, a bit manic like when in his bedroom once he threatened me with a kitchen knife. 

Anyway, he had a black Harrington. He stitched five or six 2-Tone and Specials badges on the back. He had laid them out, though, like wonkily. But he put it on and we went down the fairground. Every year in early July the waltzers and the dodgems and the ghost house and I remember The Giant Twister (on which I puked) came to Jawbone. 

Yeah and I remember down the fair in the Reck park I stood by the goldfish stall where you throw darts at the king in a pack of cards. 

I stood with Caddy who had on his Harrington and two punk girls, both painted in severe make-up and they had on loads of spikes, the two punk girls I saw pointed behind Caddy's back and they sneered at the Specials badge.

Just wanted to type that ... I like Harrington jackets.