There was a moon, almost full. A man in a banana suit was saying: I am a banana and I drink tequila. On the back of his pushbike was a box and inside a bottle of Los something that he unscrewed and poured a shot and it got us flowing. I went past people with their smiles and heartbeats and you’d hear a yelp and a howl and laughter and coming out the food and clothing and jewellery stalls there’d be King Tubby mashing with The Prodigy with Willie Nelson. A man climbed a fence and in cockney W’s he shouted: Who of you is Brian? Where’s Brian? Is anyone here a Brian? I walked past about five Scottish guys who’d constructed a wooden frame wrapped in carrier bags and a pair of women’s panties hung inside and this ginger squirted some brown I think booze out of a plastic bottle and he said: Fifty pee, come awn, fifty fuckin pee.

Another segment of my zombie documentary prose home movie